What is wagwan?

wagwan is a tool for controlling and optimizing working teams scattered over large areas. Its main focus is facilitating the realization of events, keeping an account of an available and allocated inventory and coordinating tasks in dynamic teams.
The simple and intuitive interface renders all data searchable for specific content and its interaction with other items.
Thus even the most intense time in any project becomes a breeze.

Who could need it?

Do you work with a mixed team? Do team members need to react on the spot to tasks and requirements? Is it crucial for you to keep track of all inventory items and tasks at hand?
If you answered 'yes' to all of these questions, wagwan is the tool for you. wagwan enables users to assign tasks to locations, quickly gain an overview over the tasks of the other team members and accept and reject tasks. The mobile version brings wagwan to your smartphone and tablet and makes it easy to work on the go.
wagwan is designed for controlling teams in many different use cases, some of them being

- the realization of events of any scale
- the realization of construction projects
- the organization of outdoor activities and events

How can you use it?

wagwan's strength is its flexibility. It is highly customizable, so we can work out the perfect setup for your project's specifications and make wagwan the optimal tool for your undertaking. Or you can choose to use a full-feature package.
We offer to host and maintain wagwan for you in the cloud, but you can host it on your own server just as easily.
Just contact us via the form on this website and we will set up a demonstration without obligation.